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Most plants are outdoors in our park like setting

Trees,Shrubs, & most perennials are Zone 3 hardy please call ahead if you want to consult with Bonnie on your landscaping needs as she is often out on landscaping jobs 21eight-947-3154 Office number. please bring exact measurements, sun exposure,soil information Photos should be printed out as it is difficult to look at tiny pictures on a cell phone. Bonnie can do site visits and charges a minimum $75 fee for this. you can be put on a list that is fairly long right now. Thanks for your patience in these trying times.

Trees and Shrubs: Many Native to Minnesota and very hardy through USDA Zone 3.
American Cranberry Viburnum triloba
Red Twigged dogwood Cornus sericea, 7 Allemans compactdogwood
Mountain Ash Sorbus decora
Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle  Diervilla lonicera
Chokeberry,glossy Black  Aronia melanocarpa
Gray, and pagoda Dogwoods  
Red Berried ElderSoldOut  Sambucus  racemosa
Holly, American Winterberry  Ilex  verticillata
Mountain Maple  Acer spicatum
Sugar Maple Tree sold Out Acer  saccharum
Meadowsweet Shrub  Spirea alba  alba
Nannyberry bush Viburnum lentago
Ninebark bush  Physocarpus opulifolius
Plum American WildSoldout  Prunus americanus
Rose Prairie Wild, Rosa Arkansana
Serviceberry Tree  Amelanchier laevis
Western SandcherrysoldOut  Prunus bessei
Thyme use between stepping stones in garden
Blueberry, SoldOutChippewa
Blueberry St.  CloudSold out
Juniperus comm. ' Blueberry Delight'     1'tall 4'wide evergreen
Forsythia 'Meadowlark'                                 8-10 ft.   Hardy to -35 F  
Microbiota decussata.  Russian Cypress Sold out 2' tall evergreen
Spirea betulafolea 'Tor'   Spirea , 2-3 ft. Zone 3
Spruce white  evergreens2-3' tall now
Symphoricarpos alba  Snowberry zone 3
Syringa-Lilacs Lots of different kinds 
Acer rubrum'Polara' Rubyfrost  Red MapleSold out
Celtis occidentalis  Hackberry  50'tall ,zone 2 , wind, drought 
Crab Apple Trees persistant fruited so birds eat fruits, they don't fall on pavement and make a mess. Kelsey, Thunderchild, Morning Princess, Red Splendor Dolgo larger fruit for jellies
Sorbus decora Showy Mountain Ash 20' zone 2 Fl,Frt,fall color 
Fraxinas americana Autumn Blaze White Ash    50' tall,zone 3 ,purple fall
Willow prairie Cascade 50' tall , zone 3yellow fall                 
 MINNESOTA NATIVES                                                                           
Acer rubrum  Red Maple
Acer spicatum  Mountainmaple  20'zone2
Betula papyrifera 'Renci'  Renaissance Paper Birch borer resistant
Clematis virginiana Virgin'sBower                           
And much more!