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Our nursery features over 400 varieties of Annuals, Perennials, Trees, Shrubs plus 145 genus of  Native plants.  Many of the Native plants have been grown from locally gathered (within 50 miles of Longville Grand Rapids,or Brainerd Minnesota)  seed or cuttings.

Beautiful Display Gardens abound for you or your group to tour by appointment. They include a Peace Garden,Veggie and Herb Garden with Perennial and Shrub "Wing Beds",West Sentinel Pines Garden,Shady East Wraparound, Fountain Rockery, Butterfly and Hummingbird Delight, and the ever popular Hostas On The Prairie.

Since we spend a great deal of the year in winter mode, plants with unique features every season of the year are important to us and are showcased in the designs we install for you! 


 We design with the three F's in mind:flowers,fruit,and foliage and throw in twig color for good measure. 

Deer resistant plants can be purchased at our large nursery

Hummingbirds enjoy our annual Perennial and herb plants.

Sunshine Gardens is owned by Bonnie J. Hiniker . Bonnie has a degree in Horticulture from the University of Minnesota and has over 30 years of experience working for nurseries,greenhouses and landscape firms. Sunshine Gardens began operation in 1997.
Bonnie has studied gardens all over the world to bring back their    beauty to her designs for your own garden of Eden.

Bonnie also does a radio program on where she has answered northern gardeners questions since May 1984. On KAXE  Northern Community Radio she is known as Bonnie The Plant Lady.
Catch Bonnie live on KAXE radio at 89.9 FM Brainerd, 91.7 FM Grand Rapids, or 105.3 FM Bemidji.  Her Gardening show is on from 8:10 am-9:00 am  on the last Thursday of each month.


Bonnie uses her expertese to design  low-maintenance landscapes featuring a diversity of plants with interest in all seasons of the year


Customer Accolades

"Bonnie the Plant Lady received KAXE's Earth Mother Award for the year 2001 and is truly a gardenaholic."
from KAXE station Manager Maggie Montgomery


Listen to Bonnie on KAXE at 8:15am to 9 am the last thursday of the month.

"I didn't want just flower beds I wanted flowers all season long and Bonnie and her crew did that for us!"
Sandy Grand Rapids, MN

"We wanted utilitarian plus beauty around our pond and Sunshine Gardens came through with flying colors We are a part of our habitat and now we have loads of good critters to watch and the deer don't damage their carefully selected plants for our rain gardens and berms"
C & R , Longville
We wanted less lawn to mow and more flowers to watch bloom and discover wildlife enjoying.  I also paint watercolors and Sunshine gardens planted jillions of flowers for me to paint.