For 2011

: Sunshine Gardens plans to be at the Pine River Market Square Farmers and Crafters Market at 3rd and Barclay, 4 blocks East of Highway 371 at State 84 junction from 2:30 to 5:30 pm. call 218-947-3154 for attendance message.

 Leek plants


Huge tomato plants in 4.5 inch pots or larger produce fruit sooner and larger crop. 

We also have four pacs of Tomato, pepper, cabbage,broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower,celery, Italian Kale,Chinese kale,

Arugula Rocket Salad Roquette, Mache Corn Salad

Lettuces include Tom Thumb, Marvel of Four Seasons, Black Seded Simpson, Cos Romaine, Great Lakes Iceberg

                              Red Velvet           


Allyssum, Butterfly Gaura, Marigold,Four O' Clocks,


Viola, Lady in Red salvia, Blackie sweet potato vine,

Pansy Citris Blend,

Petunias: Purple Wave ,Picotee red, Patriot Dreams Mix(red white and blue)remember Dreams series petunias are fragrant unlike most other petunias!

vinca vine, spikes, foxtail sprengeri fern, Red Rooster Carex, Brazillian verbena, verbena

Snapdragons Tall & Magic Carpet Blend

Sunflowers: Snacker & Drop Dead Red

Zinnias include Peppermint stick, Thumbelina, DoubleZahara Cherry and Fire, Giant Fantasy, Purity White

Annual vines:Scarlet Runner Bean, Black eyed Susan Vine Spanish Eyes


Basil Napoletano Italian Lettuce-leaf


Lemon verbena

lemon thyme

variegated lemon thyme

Minnesota Natives
New Jersey Tea a tiny drought tolerant shrub for sun to partial shade.often called wild lilac or